WordPress Malware Cleanup Service


We provide malware cleanup service.

Malware infections are nasty and can be quite difficult to get rid of it. Fortunately for you, WPFinch specialists are experienced in cleaning up and removing malware infections that plague many WordPress websites.

How malware finds its way to my WordPress website?

You need to understand that WordPress is the most popular CMS used on the web. Popularity attracts all kinds of attention and that includes the attention of unsavory people with malicious agendas. Please find below a list of possible ways that could be used to gain unlawful access to your WordPress site.

  • Outdated plugin(s).
  • Outdated theme.
  • Outdated WordPress core.
  • Compromised login credentials.

So the number one advice is to ALWAYS UPDATE your platform.

Clean my WordPress website from Malware now!